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Covid-19 pandemic has increased the part time work the company are looking for part time employee. Those who are fascinated about work from home job can apply it directly with the help of job portal.
. Job the employee has to send different types of message including products of company and services of company so while joining SMS work the users must have message pack according to the norms and regulation, lets can apply job who have smartphone aur laptop. Very frequent sending of message so the phone must be fully charged while doing the job.
How to send message?
To send message you have to use your own contacts and detail for information about the package once the message has been delivered to the Desire uses to mention the list in excel file.
What is the purpose of SMS sending job?
The purpose of SMS sending job is to inform about the branding of the products of multinational company in local area. Most of the users who buy products are not aware about the services and we have to inform it locally so that why the company is looking for SMS sending worker in their location.
How to apply SMS sending work?
To apply SMS sending work first of all you need to fulfill the detail in registration form and then wait for the recruitment team to call you. There will be a training of half an hour for sending different types of message which can be presented with the help of job portal.
Fixed salary of SMS sending job!
The employee who are directly working for SMS work will get fixed salary but if the employee who are not really doing SMS work will not get the salary.
Is there any disturbance present in SMS sending job?
Cabins are applicable only for those employee who have already completed 6 month of probation period in this company.
SMS Sending Jobs