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Copy Paste Data Entry Jobs

The copy paste job involves copying information given in one file into another file by selecting it, copying it and then pasting the same. Is there a type of data entry job? The only difference is that content is not written but simply copied from one place to another. In many cases, content from the website will have to be copied and pasted in a doc or sometimes in an excel file.

Continue carrying on with your normal jobs while at the same time just give two minutes to a great opportunity to make money by devoting a few hours a day. What about those who are in their second or final year of graduation? Again, just give two minutes to know about a golden chance to earn some money. This will help you to meet many expenses like hostel fee, study material, petrol for the bike, going out for some shopping etc.

Maximum work required  on a day is 3 hours, and not even that much if you are fast enough.  This job can be done by students, undergraduates, part-time working people, housewives and others. For the students, the advantage is that of their free time after classes, which they can utilise to do such jobs.

There are many given opportunities to earn money from the online world through the internet. It provides additional income and makes life much easier.  This particular opportunity is about copy and paste jobs. It is very simple and will not take much of time. At the end of the week or month the student or any keen youngster can earn a good amount and carry on with their life happily. Getting an additional source of income will always make one very much confident.

There is no registration fee involved in the copy and paste data entry jobs.  It is totally investment free. Not even a penny is required to go ahead.  The only thing we ask is that that person should be over 18 years of age. Having one’s own computer and steady internet access is necessary.

The payment will be INR 5 for every job that is completed and INR 500 if 100 jobs are completed in a day. The monthly payment in that case will be INR 15000.

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