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The list of people to whom this job is very much attractive includes students who are undertaking their studies or those who have just completed their graduation and planning the next step. The youngsters who have dropped out of their studies after school or during graduation can also go for these internet-based jobs. There is no minimum qualification requirement, and everyone is welcome. At the same time, even professional students are also equally welcome to do this.
There are many given opportunities to earn money from the online world through the internet. It provides additional income and makes life much easier.  This particular opportunity is about copy and paste jobs. It is very simple and will not take much of time. At the end of the week or month the student or any keen youngster can earn a good amount and carry on with their life happily. Getting an additional source of income will always make one very much confident. Will help in taking care of many of the daily and small expenses.

Do this job and also the regular job that one was already having.

Free registration –

This is the best part of the job. There is not a single rupee to be given as registration or deposit fees.  In every online job, many companies ask the interested people to pay a huge amount of registration or join fee.  It is never returned in many cases. There are also many scam schemes floating these days that promise big returns and collect huge money and then just disappear. Sadly, this is a fact!

In our case, nothing like that. Not even one rupee is required to be paid. We just want to ensure that all those who come forward get their payment for the effort they put in. At the same time, the job given should also be properly completed.

Copy paste Jobs –

It is very simple to do.

In this job, there will be a copy of words to be copy pasted from certain word doc files. It has to be pasted in a new doc file and then saved with a new name. This will be submitted to us, and we will ensure whether it is done as required. The other job is to copy paste from certain given websites into a new doc file. This will also be saved and then submitted to us.

Payment terms –

there will be the payment for copy-paste job of every content, Rs 5. So if 100 times copy paste is done on a day, the income will be Rs 500. The weekly income will be Rs 3500 if the same number is maintained. The monthly income will be Rs 15000.  All payment will be done weekly or monthly

SMS Sending Jobs