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Sitting at home and making regular income is really a great thing. In today’s time, the internet offers you this opportunity.

Have you  finished your graduation final year and  waiting for results?  Meantime, side by side, you must be applying for jobs of your choice and liking! To all those who have dropped out of studies due to any reason, this is equally applicable.  A very good chance for you to earn regular or additional income.
The word additional income is very important here since it is a part-time job for a few hours.  Everyone can continue working in their existing jobs.

Details –

is about copying and pasting content. You will be given a word or an excel file and the content will have to be copied into a new file and then saved.

Each file completion will be taken as one job completed. The file will be of only a few pages.

The job can be done sitting from anywhere. Your home, your friends or your relative’s home. It is your wish.

It will not take more than five hours’ maximum to compete in the given jobs of 100 numbers of copy and paste.

There are no registration fees involved, and it is totally free,

you should be minimum eighteen years of age.

You need to have a computer or a Laptop with a good internet connection at home.

The payment you will be given is Rs 5 for every job, and if 100 jobs are completed on a day, then Rs 500 will be daily income. So, monthly income will be Rs 15000.

Payment will be done into your bank account either online or through Phone Pe or Paytm.

To get started, please fill in the contact us form given on this website. Enter all your details including email ID. Our team will get in touch with you.

SMS Sending Jobs