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The youngsters who have crossed the age of 18 years and above are very clear what they want.  In fact, even before that age they are very clear of their goals in life. While pursuing the chosen goals, there are many ways through which the internet can help these youngsters to become more self-sufficient.

This is the big advantage of the online industry. It throws up many job opportunities that can be done without much difficulty. There is good income also for many of them.  The aim of all these youngsters, students as well as the just passed out ones should be to make maximum use of every such opportunity. Start to earn income even before you get the dream job of your choice.

One such online income earning avenue is copy-paste jobs. To anyone who is familiar with the use of the PC and the Microsoft word, will very well know how to copy and paste. This job is all about that.  It is very simple to do and no big-time educational qualification required. If one is ready to spend about 4 to 5 hours a day, then a fairly good and regular income is assured.

Just watch out and see. It really makes a lot of differences to have an income of one’s own. By the time such people went for the job of their chosen career, their confidence would have increased.

Bangalore, of course, is the tech capital of India and the city where every software developer from the country comes to realise their dreams. But it is also famous for   some other great things such as – The Cubbon park, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bannerghata Biological park, Tipus Sultan’s Summer Palace.

Copy and Paste Jobs, the main points –

Copy the given content to another file. The content to be copied can be a word or an excel file or from a website.

It is a part-time job. The person is free to complete it according to their time availability, but deadlines have to be met.

There are no registration fees required. The investment for this is zero Rupees.  There are absolutely no hidden charges of any sort.

The person should be above the age of eighteen years and there are no educational qualifications that are necessary.

The person will require a computer and internet connection.

The payment will be as Follows:

  1. Rupees Five for every job for Copy and paste.
  2. For a hundred jobs completed in a day, the payment will be Rupees 500.
  3. By some ratio it will be Rupees 15000 a month.
  4. Payment will be made via online Bank NEFT or UPI mobile phone transfer like Phoning Pe, Pay TM.
SMS Sending Jobs