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The city of Joy is what Kolkata is famously known in literary circles.  Is the perfect essence of historical importance and present day modernity? For a long time, the spirit of India represented itself in Kolkata both commercially and historically. Kolkata is also the city that started the social renaissance of India. The K. C. Das Sweets of Kolkata is one of the most frequented places both by its residents and outsiders as well.

Details of the Job –

This is a form of online data entry, internet jobs, and it involves the copy of content from one file and then pasting it in another file.

There are no registration fees in this Copy Paste Jobs  . Our company does not charge even one rupee as deposit in the form of pre-payment or any sort of registration.  There are no hidden charges also.

The payment will be Rs 5 for each copy-paste job and we are ready to give 100 such jobs daily. So the daily payment will be Rs 500.  The weekly payment will be Rs 3500. Going by the same rate; the monthly payment will be Rs 15000.

The people coming forward to do the job should be minimum 18 years of age and above. The proof for this has to be submitted. They should preferably have a laptop and internet connection. We will only insist that the job should be done on time.

The payment will be given monthly or weekly. This can be mutually decided between the person and the company (us).  Can also be given on a daily basis. The payment will be done as a NEFT bank transfer.  Otherwise, it can be done as transfer from UPI Mobile apps such as Phone Pe , PayTM.

To get started, please fill in the contact form given below. It should contain all details including age proof and email id. Once the form is submitted online, we will be sending you the work details on the given email id.

All doubts and queries will be cleared by our team before the person starts the job. There will be nothing left pending. The support team is always there to assist you at every step.

The Howrah bridge is a majestic sight in Kolkata. A trip through that bride is certainly worth taking.  Other things to watch in the city includes the Victoria Palace, Kalli ghat Temple, Birla planetarium.

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