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Sitting at home and getting the chance to have a regular income is a stroke of luck. It is not something that comes to everyone every day. So, as and when it comes, just utilize it.  In today’s time, the internet is the driver of many opportunities.  Many of these jobs are something that can be done by a majority of people and also very simple to do. They just have some hours a day for this.

Pune is the city famous for many reasons. Is an educational centre of India for all professional and graduate courses? The colleges in Pune are famous across India, and it is highly competitive to get admission in institutions like, Armed Forces Medical College, Symbiosis Institute for Management, Ferguson College. Pune is also famous as an information Technology Hub.

The copy paste job is one such online opportunity that can help in making a lot of incomes.   It is very much easy to do and does not require any special skill or experience. Only there needs to be little familiarity in the usage of the PC and the Microsoft word.  A little bit of XL understanding  of the most basic nature is also fine.
Let’s briefly go through the details of the copy and paste job:

is about copying and pasting content. This will have to be taken from a doc file and placed into another doc file. Sometimes it will be XL files. These files have to be then mailed to us.

It is a part-time job, and it will not take more than 5 hours a day even if you done  about 100 copy paste jobs (since it is the maximum that can be done).

The job can be done sitting inside the house. It is necessary to have a PC and an internet connection.

There is no registration or deposit fees involved.  We do not charge anything to the person.

The minimum age is eighteen years and above. Age proof has to be produced.

The payment is fixed at Rs 5 for every job, and if 100 jobs are completed on a day, then Rs 500 will be a daily payment. So, monthly income will be Rs 15000.

Payment will be credited into your bank account either online bank transfer or through UPI, Phone Pe or Paytm.

SMS Sending Jobs