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Data Entry Jobs In Bangalore

Bangalore is the city which is host to most of the e-commerce and portal based tech start-ups. These are powered by young entrepreneurs. Is also the city which has the head office of all the biggest names in the Indian IT industry.
So now let us briefly run through the Entry Jobs –
These are jobs in which those interested in doing will have to make the data entry about companies, its products and services, the main features, the financial performance and turn over etc. The data will have to be extracted through images, presentations, video or audio. These will be given to do the job.

The person should have fairly good command of English and also a fairly good idea of using the computer keyboard, word, XL, Google docs. There is no need to worry. It is only very basic knowledge. The job itself is very simple.

Anybody over the age of 18 years can take up this job. The reason why it is suitable for youngsters and students is because of their time flexibility. There is no educational qualification required.
There is no need to make any registration payment. In other words, we do not put any condition of registration fees before giving job details. There is not even a single rupee that has to be paid. Our only aim is to give interested people a chance to earn income and at the same time make the client happy through a good data entry job.

It is a part-time job. We do not ask anyone to come to the office or work during a given time. The timing is the choice of the person. The condition is that it should be submitted in time, and the delay is not at all acceptable.

It is always preferable that all those interested should have their own laptop or PC. Otherwise, they will find it difficult to complete it on time.

The payment will be as follows – For every data entry job that is completed, the payment will be INR 5. If the person is able to do 100 data entry jobs a day, then the payment will be INR 500 for the day. If the same quota is done daily and without mistakes, then monthly payment  will be INR 3500 and, thereby, monthly payment will be INR 15000.

Once the job is completed, it should be submitted to our technical team. They will review it completely. Please do not think that it is to reject. Rather, it is ensuring that no mistakes are made.

Once the job is completed, the payment will be made into the applicants bank account. This will be collected in the beginning. The payment mode will be online transfer through NEFT. The other method is mobile transfer through Google Pay or Phone Pe.

SMS Sending Jobs