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This is a great chance for the students as well as those who have just completed their studies to earn some good amount of additional income. Many of the newly passed out students will be searching for jobs. Some of them may want to continue their studies further. For all them, it is a request to spend two minutes and read about this chance to make additional income.

Chennai is a great metropolis and has lots to see and offer.  There is Marina beach, St George’s Fort. Is also the automobile capital of India. One of the biggest plant manufacturing units in the country is located in Chennai.

As the word itself says, these are simple online jobs in which the person has to enter the data given to them in some forms. These forms will also be given to them. They have to do the typing of the data through the computer keyboard into these forms. The data to be typed will be given in the form of an image, audio or video. The applicant will have to convert this into the form of data in a doc or XL file.

Data entry jobs are very popular these days, and they command regular payment.  If the applicant is ready to do data entry jobs, then a continuous flow of work will be there. In fact, sometimes for six to seven months there can be continuous jobs. It is best suited for those having limited qualification and ready to work from home. This job can be done by all those who are ready to spare 5 to 6 hours a day. They can continue in their existing jobs and still do the data entry jobs.

The great thing about working with us is the fact that no investment charges have to be paid. There will not even be a rupee that has to be paid. This is totally different from many or the majority of the internet online jobs. In most of them, a heavy deposit amount is required.

Once you get in touch with us through the form given below, contact us form, we will be providing all the details of the data entry jobs. You have to fill it up online and submit it back to us.

The payment terms will be – Rs 5 for every data entry job and Rs 500 per day for 100 data entry jobs on a day. The weekly payment (if daily 100 jobs are done) will be Rs 3500, and the monthly payment will be Rs 15000.

Payment will be done online into your bank account (the details have to be given in the beginning) through online NEFT or by UPI based mobile payment.

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