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Data Entry jobs in Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of India, and it offers a lot of opportunities to everyone who is willing to work hard.  People from different parts of the country come here to make a success out of their life. The entertaining industry is the glitz and glamour of Mumbai. It would be surprising, but still there are people who are coming to Mumbai by collecting all their savings and then trying to make their luck in the TV and cinema industry.

It is not easy to survive in this mega metropolis of Mumbai without having a fairly good income. This will be of great help in a costly city like this. For example, if someone wants to reach Andheri suddenly from Borivali in an Airplane, it will cost about Rs 400.

After all, getting additional income is always welcome. It gives a lot of confidence in life.   The internet is full of such opportunities. But the only request is that proper selection needs to be done.  The data entry jobs are one way through which people can start earning a regular part-time income.

Features –

In this online job, you or the applicant will have to do the data entry into a file using the keyboard of the computer. This data will be given in the form of a digital video, audio or an image file, and it has to be typed in another file.  The description has to be given in the English language.  The use of the Microsoft word or Google docs is a must.

It is preferred that all applicants undertaking the job should have basic familiarity with the use of computers. Especially for word and xl utility packages. They should have fairly good typing speed too. It has to be typed in a simple language, and the text for the data entry will also be given.

There is no investment required for this job and applicants need not make a pre-payment or deposit.

The payment will be Rs 5 per data entry job. If 100 jobs are done on a day, then Rs 500 will be income. The income for the entire month will be Rs 15000 if the same speed is kept up.

All the applicants should be above 18 years of age. This is compulsory.

Payment will be done into the bank account of the applicant through online NEFT transfer.

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