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Email Sending Jobs In Chennai

Today the internet is giving a lot of opportunities to young people to earn a regular part-time income. By giving two minutes here, many students and teens will get to know about a golden chance to earn from a young age.  It does not mean they should put everything aside and have to start working on this. They can continue to carry on their studies. Those having other jobs can go on with the same, and it will not get affected.

That is the great part. Requires only 4 to 5 hours of effort at any time of the day. If the person picks up speed, then not even that much time is required. So, in effect, this part-time job of sending emails will fetch an income which, in many cases, will be equal to the starting income of a fresh graduate.

That really sounds tempting and even hard to believe. Yes, but it’s true.

The great southern metropolis of Chennai represents everything about South India at its best. Is also the unofficial automobile capital of India. Some of the biggest manufacturers of car vehicles like Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, Mitsubishi, Renault, Nissan, BMW etc.  Are located in Chennai.

Therefore, students and youngsters — Do not miss out on the chance to earn money in the early stages of life.  Even those teens who have stopped their studies before graduation can do this job since there is no minimum educational qualification required.

Features of the job –

Once registered, the person will be given several email Id’s and also the content matter of the email body. They have to send this email to different email ids.

The email body is about  people who want to launch their new products and for whom they want to start their business. It gives details of the product features and the price.  Sometimes new job offers in certain companies will also be there. The email will be sent from the id of the company.

There is no registration or deposit fees.  It is totally free.

For every email that is sent to a student or all those having opted to do the job will be given Rs 5. On a day if 100 emails are sent, then the earnings will be Rs 500. If they are able to send 100 emails every day, then monthly payment will be Rs 15000.

Payment will be given via online transfer to a bank account or through UPI Mobile apps.

SMS Sending Jobs