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Email Sending Jobs in Mumbai

For the attention of all those youngsters in Mumbai and all the students and other energetic guys – just spare a few minutes. There is a good chance to earn regular income without any investment.

Mumbai is the financial, entertainment and corporate hub of India. Is also the biggest metropolis in the country. People from all over India come here to realise their dreams. They come with different aspirations to make it big in their life. There are those from the poorest of backgrounds having come to make it big in Bollywood. There are singing talents from all over who come to become recognised Bollywood Singers. There are newly passed out graduates and MBA’s who want to make it big in the corporate sector.

But Mumbai is also a costly city. It requires income to survive and that too a steady income. Dreams and success will always be realised, but it takes time. Till then, some sort of income is necessary. This is where the internet and online jobs are so much useful. By just devoting a few hours a day, one can earn a regular income. At the same time, continue pursuing the aims and goals of life with courage. It will certainly be realised. When income comes in from one angle, then it gives more confidence to pursue the original dreams.

To all these people mentioned above — Do not lose out on the chance to earn money in the early stages of life. It will give a lot of confidence.  By talking up email sending jobs, one just needs to spend about 4 to 5 hours a day. The rest of the time, they can focus in the line of their main interest.

The job is to send certain emails to different email id’s. Both content and email id’s will be given.

There’s no registration or deposit fees. It is totally free.

The payment will be Rs 5 per email that is sent. So if the person sends 100 emails a day, then weekly earnings will be Rs 3500 and monthly will be Rs 15000.

Payment will be made to the bank account of the person doing the job. It can be done through UPI as well. The payment will be done weekly or monthly.

SMS Sending Jobs