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Free Online Copy Paste Jobs Without Investment

Want to make some income and do that in the most correct manner? There are some more interesting things about this job such as – the whole day is not required to sit over this, there is no investment to make and more. It certainly sounds very interesting now!

Therefore, let us know the entire thing one by one.  Request the interested people to go through this carefully.

The job to be done –

There will be a certain matter given. This will be in a word file. In a very few cases, it will be in a Xl file. The job is to copy the content of the file to a new file. This new file has to be saved and then submitted to us. We will check and verify if everything is okay. In some other cases, the matter will have to be copied from some websites on the internet to a new file.

There is NO cost involved at all.  This means not even a single Rupee has to be paid as registration fees to us. There are no hidden terms and conditions also regarding any form of cost. The entire process is free, and there is no prepayment or deposit fees to be given to us till the job is completed. Please note that many of  the companies are providing such jobs and always asking  for registration fees that are mandatory and returned after the completion of your task, and such jobs are truely fake, so do not believe them.

The other conditions –

The person who is given the job must be 18 years of age and above. No minor will be entertained by this job. There are no educational qualifications required, and anybody is welcome to join. However, having an internet connection and one’s own laptop will be a major advantage. The completion of the job in a timely manner is important. We are not going to check if a person has all these things.  But a timely submission is a must.

Payment terms –

All those undertaking this job will be paid Rupees 5 for each copy and pasted job. If they are ready to take more, 100 number of such jobs will be given in a day. If the entire lot is submitted properly, then payment will be Rupees 500 for the day. For the week, it will be Rupees 3500, and the monthly payment will be Rupees 15000.

Transfer of payment –

The payment will be done on a daily basis if required. The bank account details will be collected from the person in the beginning. Payment will be made online through internet banking or UPI Mobile phone transfers.

SMS Sending Jobs