Government Registered SMS Sending Jobs Without Investment

In today’s time, we can see a large number of people in the country who are without jobs. Every unemployed person search on Internet for online jobs, especially those jobs that are without investment. Because everyone is well aware that now it is very difficult to find jobs without investment, as every online site asks for investment before giving home jobs. But to meet the needs of the people, we are giving “SMS sending jobs” without investment and people are joining us and making a weekly income of Rs 3500 from this good home based job. SMS sending jobs are very popular and reliable, after joining it, all people are earning very well through it. It is not government registered jobs but you can still earn well through it .

SMS job is one of the most familiar jobs without any investment, which students, housewives, unemployed, can easily do at home. This task is really a simple task that anyone can do from anywhere at any time of the day.To join, you only need to know how to send SMS from mobile, then you can do the work of SMS sending very easily.This job does not require any special skills so it is one of the easiest online jobs in India.In this job, you can get weekly payment or monthly payment in your bank account, Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay.If you want to earn an SMS job, then fill out the registration form given in our site and become a part of it.

Main Points of SMS Sening Jobs – 

  1. This SMS seding job is a very simple job that anyone can do, it does not require any special talent.
  2. The languages required for this job are English and Hindi.
  3. This work is can done through a small mobile and never requires a PC or laptop.
  4. It is necessary to send 100 SMS from your mobile every day.
  5. Each sms will be 5 rupees earning, by sending 100 sms per day you can earn 500 rupees as daily income.
  6. No additional paper work is required for this job.
  7. This job can also be done through WhatsApp and many other sites like Hike, WaytoSMS.
  8. Monthly earnings of this SMS seding jobs are around Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.
  9. It is not govt registered jobs but you can earn good income.

Joining method:

To be a part of this jobs, just fill and submit name, address, mail ID, contact number and payment details in the registration form and start within 24 hours.

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