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SMS sending job in Aligarh uttar Pradesh

Aligarh is famous for industries of brass and electronic components. The small scale industries produce huge amount of copper virus and they required part time SMS sending worker who cant send different types of message about their products and services.

The company is looking for smart worker who can messaging services out for the part which they have done. The brass component include different types of electronic method manufacturing services like electric socket, positive male fuse negative fuse, copper winding and many more.

sms sending job in Aligarh

Post : Work from home job (WFH message)
Job Type : Part Time / Contractual Job
Vacancy :4000
Skill : MS Word, MS Excel & Internet, mobile handling.
Typing Speed : 20 wpm to 30 wpm (smart phone message)
Working Hours : Minimum 3 hrs. to 6 hrs
Work Type : sms sending
Interview : Telephonic/ Online
Test : Mobile sms knowledge
Job Training : The company provide video tutorial for training.

The service industries required sales person who can send their products and get paid youTube covid-19 most of the sales department are facing problem with sales. The company is hiring try so that they can send different types of message to their customer and they can get leads.

Interested candidates can apply directly with the help of job portal or they can also contact us with the help of mobile number given in the website. There is no limitations of part time job so any candidates can apply job portal website and then join us.

The team of recruitment department in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh list all the the patient and then call the employee for further processing. Top having take at least two to three day to complete. Any candidates who haven’t get shortlisted cannot apply more than 3 times. It will definitely a good abilities for students in Aligarh for joining work from home.

SMS Sending Jobs