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SMS sending job in Gujarat

Gujarat is famous for trading especially design the product like copper, electronic goods and transportation. In Gujarat multiple tasking to our income from different platform.
There are holiday get into doing SMS sending jobs in Gujarat. Those who haven’t get SMS sending work can apply the published job.of  it will definitely be the best option for Gujrat people. There are still 2,000 vacancies are available in SMS sending work in Gujarat. Job vacancy will end next upcoming month.
Those applications are selected which are apply on time and other application will be rejected according to the norms of the company. Work are based upon the First Come First serve those candidates who can apply fast can get the job and those who haven’t apply yet and looking for some other option can navigate in our job portal to find the best suitable job according to their profile.
I do SMS sending job part from my work does it legal?
If you are doing part time work to any other company which are not relevant to your full time job then you can do it. We cannot do two jobs at the same time with same field different jobs in different company then it’s totally legal.
What is the time period which I have to devote in SMS sending job?
Minimum time period to do SMS sending work is to our but still you need to do at least for our daily to complete your target and get paid on time.
Is there a time flexibility for doing SMS sending work?
Yes you can do it it anytime. you Can also divide your work on hourly basis and you can do one hour in morning 1 hour in afternoon and 1 hour in evening whatever suitable for you.
Is there any referral program?
We do not accept our referral program to get job contactly approach to our job portal website and apply the job
What is the age limit of joining SMS sending work?
The age limit according to rule is age 18 year. According to Indian government labour Law the minimum age limit of doing work is 18 years.
Do I have to visit gujarat to join SMS sending job?
For SMS sending job we don’t need to visit our Gujarat office you can apply it online and you will get the task with the help of job portal in Gujarat.
SMS Sending Jobs