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SMS sending job in Leh and Ladakh

Leh and Ladakh tourist company are looking for part time worker to promote their products and services with the help of SMS. Most of the tourist company who have higher are not available due to covid-19 for that they are looking for SMS sending worker who can do and promote their brand and services for tour and travel industries.

There is a limited job in SMS sending work in Ladakh. peoples with first come first term will get the job. At present the company is looking for 500 SMS worker who can do message.
Most of the tourist company in Leh and Ladakh in very wash condition and they need a very huge boost up to get their work done the company is looking for urgent requirement of SMS sending work.

sms sending jobs in Leh and Ladakh

Roles and Responsibilities of sms sending work in Ladakh

Type of work : Part/Contract Time Works

vacancies : 500 home based

Time  : Spend 2 To 3 Hours In One Day

Target : No Target

Candidate Profile : Fresher, Students, housewife

Eligibility : 12th pass can Apply/any graduate

Most Important : Computer / Laptop /smart phone

Technical skill : Basic Computer Knowledge

Payment : Weekly/monthly

How to apply SMS sending work?
To apply SMS sending work you must have residence of Leh and Ladakh and you must have different types of contacts in Leh and Ladakh location.

How can I apply to get enroll in SMS sending work?

To apply SMS sending work you must submit your job profile to the SMS sending job in Ladakh and then you have to complete the registration form admin team will call you and contact you for about job. The recruitment department will provide you different types of work available in Leh and Ladakh. They will also guide you to the way of working of SMS sending work.

Is there any time boundation for doing job?

No there is no time bondation you can do job at anytime even you can divide the work according to your time schedule. You don’t need to take stress while doing job it’s very simple copy paste SMS work so you can do it very easily but you have to send it in proper way.

SMS Sending Jobs