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sms sending jobs daily payment bangalore

Government registered Small scale industry company in Bangalore are looking for part time employee who can promote their products by using message service in Bangalore and nearby City. Applicant must have smartphone for computer to send different types of promotional message by using their contact details. Shortlisted candidates will get daily payment/ weekly pay out / monthly payout depending upon the weight of watching and experience. The company has opened 2,000 job vacancy in Bangalore location for part time employee.

How to Apply For a Job Online?
To apply SMS sending job for online you must have proper email id and digital signature. You have to visit the official website of job portal and then go to registration from there you have to fill the detail about yourself. You will get notification in your email ID so don’t put wrong email id in communication. Mostly online job from my email id.

Phone Interviews

They will be normal phone interview in SMS sending job which include your personal details and your experience. The interview may ask question about your career and about your experience so you have to prepare yourself about phonic interview.

What is daily payout?
Daily payout refers to the amount which you get for daily basis against your work. This types of job design for worker, labour, part time employee, contractor Limited. They will get the amount according to the work which they have done on daily basis.

How to join SMS sending job?

To join SMS sending job in Bangalore you must have address proof of Bangalore nearby City. You can applying online by filling online registration form and choose the option of paying out. Once you get enrolled you will get task of SMS sending job. You have to send different types of promotional and transactional message to the contacts which you have. The job requires proper sending of message and maintaining that message in excel sheet.


SMS Sending Jobs