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SMS Sending Jobs In Kanpur

Kanpur is known as an industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, India. Kanpur is also known as the industrial capital. There has been so much development of industries as well as here, that people come from far and wide to work here. But many times people are unable to find work even in such places, so they live without employment.

Nowadays no one wants to sit in the house without employment. Everyone wants to earn some money while sitting at home, so some people start teaching tuition. But he can earn 2 to 3 thousand rupees a month from tuition, but in such inflation, you cannot fulfill your need by earning so little money. Therefore our company is offering a part time SMS sending job so that you can earn 10 to 15 thousand from sitting at home.

In the employment that our company will give you, you have to send 100 SMS everyday through your mobile. It does take only 2 to 3 hours to do this and you can earn 5 rupees per SMS.

How to receive payment by doing this SMS sending work ?

Nowadays people use online processes to pay or receive payments. If you work by joining our company, then you do not need or need to go to a bank outside for payment. Our company used to transfer weekly money to you through Google Pay, Phone Pay or Paytm.

Registration process –

To join this work, you will have to fill on register form some information like your name, address, email address, phone number etc. After this, you can join this work and do “SMS sending jobs” sitting at home.

SMS Sending Jobs