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SMS Sending Jobs in Kolkata

The chance to start earning income at the right age is a big step in life. It takes one to do better things and gives a high level of motivation. Becoming financially strong at an early age always leads to get more success and so more hard effort comes. So this is a great chance to earn a good amount of money through SMS sending jobs. Just spare about 5 minutes and read the details of the job and the opportunity to make some good amount of money.

So what is SMS sending jobs about. As the very name suggests it is a job in which the person has to send a certain number of SMS in a day and they will be paid from that. It is very simple and no rocket science is to be learnt to do this. At the end of it, there is a good amount of income that comes it. For those planning to be independent from a young age in life especially students, it is a great chance and it would a wrong decision not to go ahead for this.

Kolkata is India’s historical, cultural and modern city, all combined into one. It is famous for its rosogullas and fish or maachi as it is known. The one time trams in the city is no longer there but tram lines can still be seen. Unlike the other metro’s it is combination of calm and quiet life and extreme hurry burry as well.

Why one should go ahead and take up SMS Sending jobs? There are many reasons for this and some of them are –

First of all, there is no investment and no money to be paid to do this job. That is really rare. (Just go in the market and you will see how many are there)

Yes, and one more thing. There is no need to step out of the house. It is a job that can be done within the house.  That is one of the biggest advantages.

All that is required is a smartphone and it goes without saying that everyone today has smartphones.

What is the payment for SMS sending jobs and mode of payment?

  • It will be Rs 5 for every SMS.
  • In a day if 100 SMS is sent then it will be Rs 500.
  • Monthly payment will be Rs 15 000
  • All payment will be done through internet banking or through Paytm , Google Pay , phone Pe.
  • Details of the SMS to be sent will be given and also the mobile numbers
  • For every SMS that is sent, payment be Inr 5
  • Lots of places to visit at Kolkata . never miss out on the Victoria palace.
SMS Sending Jobs