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SMS Sending Jobs in Pune

There is a good chance to have a steady flow of regular income for all those who are just stepping into starting life on their own. Students, young guys and gals, just pass out energetic graduates and all those in that age group – there is a great opportunity to start earning even as you continue you other interests in life. Such opportunities do not come every day and every time. it is certainly now there but not necessary that it will be there for a long time to come. So, guys out there, grab this chance with both hands and start earning income from a young age and become independent in life.

Pune is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India and is both the educational and IT hub of the country.  It has some of the best colleges including AFMC, Symbiosis, Ferguson college.  From MBA to engineering to Medicine, Pune has best of the campuses.

This great opportunity is known as SMS Sending Jobs. The concept can be very simply explained like this. Those interested will be given the job of sending SMS to different mobile numbers.  These SMS are about job vacancies of different types or it can be also product promotion or any offers. It does not make any difference. The person is just supposed to send the SMS.

There are many advantages and plus points in joining SMS sending Jobs like the following:

  • First of all, no need for any investment of even a single penny. It is totally free to Join here.
  • There is no limitation like educational qualification or marks percentage. The person should be above eighteen years of age. That’s all.
  • The person should have a smart phone with an internet data connection.
  • There is no need to spend all day on this. Maximum about five hours is enough.
  • Pune is connected to Mumbai through express way. It is really a great sight to travel on this expressway and one should not miss the chance.

Payment terms and conditions for SMS job Sending –

The payment will be Rs 5 for every SMS  and Rs 500 if 100 SMS is sent in a day.

The total monthly payment will be Rs 15,00 going by the same rate.

How to register –

The website link will be given and those interested to take up the Job should fill in the registration form and submit it online.

SMS Sending Jobs