sms sending job in dharavi mumbai

Dharavi is densely populated area in Mumbai. It is also very famous for salam. People from different part of India visit this location for working and staying. The multinational company in Dharavi has opening of SMS send part time employee. The candidates who live in Dharavi Mumbai can apply SMS sending job by submitting their detail with the help of job portal they have to complete the of SMS sending job portal. The company is looking for promoting their products and services in the location of Dharavi Mumbai. sms sending jobs in Mumbai Post : WFH Operator Job Type : Part Time...

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SMS sending job in Leh and Ladakh

Leh and Ladakh tourist company are looking for part time worker to promote their products and services with the help of SMS. Most of the tourist company who have higher are not available due to covid-19 for that they are looking for SMS sending worker who can do and promote their brand and services for tour and travel industries. There is a limited job in SMS sending work in Ladakh. peoples with first come first term will get the job. At present the company is looking for 500 SMS worker who can do message. Most of the tourist company in...

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