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SMS Sending Jobs in Mumbai

Mumbai is an area of ​​Maharashtra where there is a lot of jobs available but for those who do not want to work outside the home, it is best to do an SMS sending jobs from home. You can easily earn 10,000 to 15,000 rupees by sending 100 messages daily from your mobile through sms job. This job does not require much education and graduation, you should have the knowledge to send only SMS, after which you can easily earn by sitting at home. To join the SMS jobs, you have to fill our registration form, after that we will contact you and provide the job. In this job, we will give you the list of mobile numbers and the message you have to send through the email. After this, you will be able to easily earn a job sitting at home.

To join an SMS sending job, you must have-

  1.  You should have a simple mobile through which you can send 100 messages daily.
  2.  You can do this anytime in 24 hours.
  3.  To join this job, you must have knowledge of simple English and Hindi.
  4.  After sending a message to a number, you will not have to send a message to that number again, if you do this, your SMS job will be stopped.
  5.  You cannot send more than 100 messages daily in this job.
  6.  In this, you will be able to take the same ID in your name, if you take more than one ID, then your SMS job will stop.
  7.  You can start your work within 24 hours of filling the registration form.
  8.   On this, the SMS is ₹ 5, if you send 100 messages daily, then there will be an income of ₹ 500, that is, you will get 15,000 rupees a month.

How to join SMS job?

To join it, you will have to fill your name, address, email id, your payment details etc. by clicking on the registration form on our website, after 24 hours you can start your work.

SMS Sending Jobs