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Data Entry Jobs require no introduction. These are information entering jobs that do not need any technical skills. There is a lot of demand for these jobs and hence it is necessary to know about them. However, identifying online data entry jobs without paying any sort of investment isn’t easy. Most of them have some tag of a deposit or pre-payment. This is not a favourable thing and such jobs should be avoided.

Hence, I thought of writing this guide to educate people about different online data entry jobs without Investment and the abilities necessary to complete these tasks

On the face of it, data entry jobs are very simple. It is kind of a typing job that includes converting any data into words by typing through the computer keyboard taken from audio, video and image, etc.

 The information is available in several digital formats such as audio, video, picture, etc. This is the principal reason why there is a demand for data entry operators. You can earn a quite decent income by operating from anyplace at your own home or other places of your convenience.

The payment will be based on the number of hours of work or depends on the total amount of pages at the project. This task is perfectly suitable for people with less qualifications and fewer skills and those who would prefer to work from home. But alternatively there are jobs which can be done from an office also. The advantage is that in office, you might sometimes have others who will guide you.

Data entry job is mainly required by people or entities who are building an online presence. They are in need of various data such as a company profile, number of employees, revenue, stakeholder info, etc. As someone who is ready to do the job, you need to carry out an online search to find, collect and record these data in an Excel format. You also have to aggregate the data through some automation software given by the employer. This may not be so in all cases. Anyways, if there is any software to be used you will be guided.

The main criteria are that person should be able to type 25-30 word per minute for an expert typist. If your typing rate is less than 20 words per minute, then online typing jobs might be a challenge. So it is necessary to improve the typing speed with continuous effort. It should happen with constant practice. The objective should be to reach the targeted speed so that one can type almost 3500 and beyond words.

Listing down the eligibility for Data Entry Jobs –

Computer or laptop

Typing speed

Basic English knowledge

MS Word basic knowledge

Data Entry jobs are not just about great speed. For earning, you must also understand how to make the typed document presentable and aesthetically attractive. Awareness of Google docs is a big advantage these days.

In case you have the best rate of copying and pasting, then again it is a major advantage. In such cases, data entry jobs are the ideal source of income.  As part of this job, content from one file has to be pasted in another file or doc.  The content to be pasted has to be taken from word or excel files.

Depending on the job’s total number of page count completed, the payment will be done. This means payment is worked out on the basis of per page done to correction. In some of the cases, companies are willing to make hourly payment. But here again, the page typing should not have any mistakes.

This job is suitable for those who are eager to work out of an office or in the home. All that is required is a comfort level in working with computers and good typing speed. Educational qualifications do not matter.

The payment depends upon the terms and conditions but in many of the job works, it is about Rs 20 per page. However, these are indicative figures and it may vary in different jobs. Those interested should not keep it as a benchmark and negotiate.

Payment plans –

If you register with us for online data entry job, then you can easily earn 5 rupees per data entry. And we will provide you 100 data entry tasks per day. Thereby total earnings for the day will be Rs 500 and weekly earnings will be to the tune of Rs 3500.   Going by the same count, monthly earnings will come to about Rs 15,000.

You can get your payments via Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe Bank transfer, Paypal etc. payment will be timely and there will not be any delay whatsoever.

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