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Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment

How about doing a job that has a monthly payment and that is sitting inside the home? It is really exciting.  On top of that, no need to pay any deposit also.

This is an opportunity to make money by posting ads on the internet. In this online job, the person who is undertaking the job has to create some form of short text ads about products and services. Most of these are about online products brought from shopping sites. The other type of ad posting is filling in a form for various ads in the free classified web sites.

This is an online job that gives part-time income to those who are ready to do the job. The type of words used in ad text and the content that is used for filling up the form is important. If it is good, then your ads will be more prominent than other ads.

The ad posting is basically done to bring clients to these classified websites. If it is written in a slightly better way, then more customers will look at that ad since it will be more attractive. This means those products will sell more.  The ad posting is a good way to earn regular and steady income.

Today, many people are finding it difficult to get jobs. The job market is too much competitive, and there are too many people in every kind of jobs.  It is not easy for everyone to get the jobs they want. It does not mean they will not get it, but it might take some time. This is especially so if there is slow economic growth. In certain emergency situations, also jobs are very difficult. For example, ongoing Corona pandemic. Because of this Covid-19, a lot of companies are closing their operations and jobs are simply vanishing.

The request to all the youngsters who have just ventured into the job market is that keeps on searching for the job of your choice, and it will certainly be rewarded but at the same time also take up part-time job offers like these.

How to do the ad-posting job –  

Once the registration has been done through the contact us form given below, then we will be sending all the details.
There is not even a single rupee registration fee to be paid.

The payment will be Rs 5 per ad post. There will be daily 100 ad post to be done for which the payment will be Rs 500. The weekly payment will be Rs 3500, and the monthly payment will be Rs 15000.

All payment will be done through online bank transfer. The bank account details will be collected from the applicant in the beginning. The other method of credit will be through mobile UPI payment.

The person should be above 18 years of age. It is also desirable they have their own computer and a good internet connection. Fairly good knowledge of English is a major plus point.

It is a part-time job and will not take up more than 4 to 5 hours on a day.

SMS Sending Jobs