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Copy Paste Jobs In Chennai

Chennai is a city which captures the spirit of entire South India. Its universal culture shows the best of everything in the true Tamil way of life.  The early morning prayers coming in audible tones from the houses and the open steaming of coffee and the idli in the various restaurants and stalls represents Chennai at its best.

The internet apart from its vast information base has also many other advantages. It gives new avenues and income to many people in different ways.

Copy Paste jobs is one among many internet online jobs through which students and others can earn an income every month. The main features are as follows –

The job involves copying and then pasting the information given in a certain document into another word or an excel file. These files will have to be saved and then mailed to us. In some cases, it has to be selected from the internet from certain sites and then pasted and saved in a new document.

There is no pre-payment deposit that has to be given by those interested in doing the job. The fees are zero and no cost is involved anywhere.

The timings of the job can be decided by the people themselves. Since it is an outsourced job, there is nothing like coming to the office and completing it. They can sit at their homes or any other places of their choice and do it. But whatever the timeline, it has to be done within that.  So if the job is given today at 4 pm and to be submitted by 24 hours, it cannot be delayed beyond tomorrow at 4 pm.

The payment terms are as follows – For every copy and paste job that is completed, Rupees five will be the payment. The company will give 100 copy-paste jobs on a day, and if completed, it will be Rupees 500 as the daily income. The weekly income will be Rupees 3500. The monthly income will be Rupees 15000.

All payment will be made through online bank transfer or UPI based payments like PayTM , Phone Pe.

SMS Sending Jobs