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The internet has given a chance for people to make income online.  Sitting within the comfort of their homes, it is now possible to take up many outsourced jobs for various companies. Everyone needs to do some job or the other to have a regular income. To those students, graduates and those in their final years and other youngsters who are just looking forward to starting their life, this is a good chance. Even if you have some other employment, please carry on with that. This job requires only some hours a day.  However, this will give a chance for additional income. Even students having stopped their studies can also come forward and apply for these jobs. There is absolutely no educational qualification restriction.

The question — why wait for it when there is a chance to earn?  One should keep trying and fulfil all career ambitions. But at the same time, sparing a little time to earn some money – what is wrong about it? Nothing!  In fact, not taking it up will be throwing away a golden opportunity of life.

Before taking up such jobs, there will be many things that need to be clarified.  No doubts should be left pending.

India’s Technology centre Hyderabad is also a very beautiful place. It has so many feasts for human eyes. On one side there are the offices of tech giants like Microsoft, Accenture, Amazon and the Ramo ji Film City, and on the other side there is the Hussain Sagar Lake, Charminar , Golconada forts.

The main features of the job –

The email sending job, as the word says, is sending an email to different people. The content and email id’s will be given.

There is no investment required in the job, i.e., no need to pay any deposit or registration fees. It is totally free.

It is a part-time job. It is not necessary to sit more than five hours a day.

Anybody above the age of eighteen years can participate. All they need is a personal computer and a steady internet connection.

Charges will be Rs 5 Per SMS. Up to 100 Emails can be sent a day.

Payment will be made after every week through online bank transfer or through mobile app payment like Phoning Pe , PayTM.

SMS Sending Jobs