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Is the generation of today and those just about to complete their college and step into world, ready to make some regular income? Do they have the open and willing attitude and ready to spend a little time in a day? The answer will be certainly yes. However, some doubts will need to be cleared and so let us see, what is Email sending jobs?

And remember there is no investment to be made.

Earning income in the present times –

There are many ways to earn an income these days thanks to the internet and digital world. One such way is to send emails to different people about the product, services of companies and their various launch offers. It is certainly a chance to get an income that is regular and steady. It will help to meet the many small and daily expenses of day to day life.

Attention please students and the young guys! –

This message is especially for students and people of that age group. Now use your energy and enthusiasm of life to get the best of every opportunity. This age of 18 to 25 years or so approximately is the best time to get make the maximum advantage of the many new opportunities and openings that life offers.

Again reminding that you don’t have to pay even a single rupee.

For those falling in the above given age group, there are many categories of students and youngsters. Some of them will be doing their graduation. At the same time some would have just completed it and waiting for results. They have more free time than others. There are also students who have passed graduation and are doing some higher course by correspondence or evening classes.

What is email sending jobs? –

The students and others who are ready to do this will be given a list of emails and they will, have to send it to them.

The content of the email and also the subject will be prepared and given. It just has to be mailed.

The job will not involve more than 1 to 2 hours in a day.

Payment will be done on the basis of per mail charges. For every email, the payment is Rs 5 and so if 100 emails are sent in a day, weekly payment is Rs 3500 and monthly is Rs 15000.

SMS Sending Jobs