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Have you just completed graduation or in the final year? Or maybe you have joined a part-time job which is a six-hour shift. This means that by 4 pm I am totally free and back at home! So what to do till the next morning? Of course, browse the internet, YouTube and read about things of interest.  How about browsing online jobs and coming to know more about it? Then suddenly, there is a chance to earn income and that is sitting at home.

Now you have all the free time in the world from 4 pm till hitting the bed. So why not use it productively to make some additional income and meet many of the daily expenses.

Bangalore is a cool metropolis and lovely weather throughout the year.  Is the IT capital of India and the city where software developers from all over the country come in order to realise their career dreams. Bangalore is the India head office of tech giants like Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, Capgemini, oracle, IBM etc.

But Bangalore is also a costly city, and it requires a steady amount of money to have a good life in the city. So for all those who step into the city to make their career, utilise any such opportunities to make additional money. Keep on chasing the life goals and success will surely come. But also do not overlook any opportunity to make money in the right manner.

Details of form filling out for Jobs –

It is another form of data entry jobs or copy-paste jobs. You will have to copy the content from another file into the form (these are not form filling of ad posting).

It is a part-time job, and it will not take more than 4 to 5 hours on a day.

There is no investment amount or deposit to be given from your side. Nor even a Paise.

The payment will be INR 5 for every form filling job completed. If 100 forms are completed on a day, payment will be INR 500 for the day. Will be INR 3500 for the week and INR 15000 for the entire month.

You should be above 18 years of age and proof of the same has to be submitted. Having a computer and internet connection is desirable.

Payment will be made weekly or monthly in your bank account via NEFT or Google Pay, Phone Pe.

SMS Sending Jobs