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Form Filling Jobs In Mumbai

It is an online job in which the person has to fill up certain forms given to them. The data to be entered in the forms will also be provided. Mostly these are copy and paste jobs. The content has to be copied from a word or XL file and posted in these forms.

There is no investment required to take up the form filling a job. This means those interested do not have to give any pre-payment deposit amount or any sort of registration fees. Is zero investment all the way.

This job can be undertaken by anyone who is above the age of eighteen years. They have to show the proof for this. There is no minimum educational qualification required for this.  The job is suited for students who are going to college or just completed their studies, young working professionals (part time or full time), housewife’s, retired people they can also apply for sms sending job also.

The job is part time and will not take more than 4 to 5 hours a day. It can be taken up by those having other part-time jobs or even full-time jobs. (In a full-time job also, the person reaches home by 6 pm).

It is necessary that everyone should be above the age of eighteen years. They have to show their proof for this in terms of ID card.  It is also preferable although not a must that people should have their own personal computer. The basic things are that the job should be completed on time.

The payment for the form filling job will be INR 5 per every form that is filled up. If 100 forms are filled up on a day, then daily will come to INR 500. The weekly payment will then be INR 3500. The monthly payment will be INR 15000.

The payment will be made online to the person’s bank account through NEFT or through UPI Mobile payment.

Facts about Mumbai –

Mumbai goes by the name is – The city that never sleeps. Another name for it is the maximum city.

The Bhelpuri and  Paani Puri in Juhu Chowpatty is never to be missed.

The Vada Paav is the diet and the soul of the city. It should also never be missed.

SMS Sending Jobs