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These are basically copy and paste jobs in which content of some other file has to be copied into the given form. It can also be considered a simple form of data entry jobs.  These are different from the form filling jobs of the ad posting. In the ad posting form filling, it has to be done according to the design of the classified web sites and their specific requirement. But these are simple data entry jobs that can be done through copy and paste. It does not require any major effort.

The biggest benefit in the job is that we don’t charge a registration or deposit money. The Internet is full of jobs.  There are many people offering online jobs, but most of them ask for deposit money or investment. In our case, there is no deposit money requirement. They are total zero charges.

This is a part-time job, and it is not necessary to dedicate the entire day to this job. The job can be done sitting at home or any other place of choice. There are many people who are daily office goers doing form filling jobs as part time.

The jobs require the person to be 18 years of age and above. This is the only eligibility factor. So, basically everyone ready to spare some time on the day can come forward. For students, it’s a golden chance.

It is ideally best that all those going ahead with filling online jobs should have their own PC and a steady internet connection. At the end of the day, they should be able to submit the work on time.

The payment will be INR 5 for every form that is filled up. If a total of 100 forms are filled up on a day, the total payment will be INR 500. Taking the same speed of doing work, the weekly payment will be INR 3500 and monthly will be INR 15000.

The payment will be done on a daily basis, and it will be credited to the bank account of the person.  The payment transfer will be done online through NEFT or by Phone Pe or  PayTM. The bank account details will be collected in the beginning.

Those who don’t have computer and laptop can join SMS sending jobs with the help of smartphone.

Fill up the Contact us form given below and get started. Our team will reach you within 2 to 3 working days’ maximum on the email given in the form.

SMS Sending Jobs