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Data entry jobs in Hyderabad

Data entry job is the need of the hour for people or organisations or small business who are building an online image. They require different types of information like a company profile, number of employees, revenue, new mergers or any industry alliances. If interested in taking up this online job, you need to carry out an online search to find, collect and record these data in the proper format. This can be XL or sometimes word.

If it’s an advanced data entry job.  These do not involve the use of good; level of English language or any complex documents.

On the other hand, if it is a simpler form of data entry job, then a set of image, video or audio files will be given. From these files, data will have to be understood and then typed into a new file. This can again be easier depending on the data details to be typed.

The main attractions about Hyderabad are the RamoJji Film city which is then the biggest studio complex in the world, the Charminar in the old city, the Golconda Forts. Is also the technology centre of India with many big names like Microsoft and Google having their development centres in Hyderabad.

The main criteria in data entry jobs should be that a person should be able to type with an average level of speed. The advantage is that he or she will be able to take up more jobs.  If the typing rate is less than sometimes, it can be challenging. This is especially when 100 data entry jobs are given. But this is not a major problem since with practise the speed can be increased. So the advice is in the beginning take up a smaller number of jobs. Once speed increases, then start taking more jobs.

Data entry jobs need a reasonably good understanding of English also. There is no need to be an expert in this. But at least those doing the work should understand the way to make a line sound proper. Since this is about company information, it has to be presentable.

Data entry jobs –

  1. It is all about entering data into a new file by putting the right information and putting it in correct readable sentences. Only normal English is required, not a very high level.
  2. The data to be entered will be given to the person doing the job.
  3. There are no registration charges.  Is zero investment to be made.
  4. It is a part-time job and not more than 4 to 5 hours to be spent on a day
  5. All those above the age of 18 years can come forward to do the job.
  6. Payment will be Rs 5 per data entry job completed. If the person can do 100 jobs a day, then monthly payment will be Rs 15000.
  7. Payment will be credited into the applicant’s accounts through online NEFT bank transfer or through UPI mobile apps – Google Apps , Paytm.
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